AEG Facilities The standard by which all others are measured.

Extraordinary events demand settings beyond the ordinary. AEG owns, operates and provides services to some of the most unique and successful facilities in the world, while embodying one simple mission-to provide fans with an experience they will never forget.

AEG Facilities is a stand-alone division of AEG that owns, operates and consults with more than 100 of the industry's preeminent venues worldwide. It has, at its fingertips, AEG's vast network of resources and services, from live event producer - AEG Live, to AEG Global Partnerships, to AEG Digital Media.  AEG Facilities is an elite collection of world-class venues with an unmatched level of resources, experience and talent.

Facilities Facts

  • 19 of the top 50 U.S. media markets
  • 27 of the top 100 year-end 2013 Pollstar ranked venues
  • Hosts over 10,000 events annually
  • 50 million guests welcomed annually
  • Hosts 60 sports teams worldwide
  • Operating on 5 continents in the world's greatest cities
  • Over 100 elite venues


AEG Facilities brings to the table a vast network of services unlike any company in the industry. It offers a full slate of turn-key services that combine to create an unforgettable experience. [+] learn more about services


AEG Facilities helps guide the day to day operations of our family of elite venues across the globe including venues wholly owned and built by our Real Estate and Development team, managed and leased properties as well as the numerous buildings we have service agreements with.


We realize that managing the day-to-day operations of a venue is only half the battle, you need customers to make your business work. AEG Facilities has the marketing resources to make that happen, from creative services like design, print collateral and branding to media buying and advertising services.

Public Relations

AEG Facilities has well established relationships with the major media outlets in each market to provide comprehensive public relations opportunities to promote your events.

Securing a high-profile press conference at your venue to announce a major tour act and creating and distributing national and regional press releases are only some of the attention-grabbing techniques we will deploy to get your word out.


AEG Facilities can not only provide your venue a ticketing management solution it can sell those tickets as well. AEG utilizes the largest and best premium ticket operation in the business and has a team of sales professionals working to fill your venue.


AEG has the resources and know-how to take your venue to the next level with a robust digital strategy. Our digital team manages over 100+ venue sites. In addition to website creation and management, our digital team can provide the right content that will effectively engage the consumer.


Year after year our venues attract the biggest events in the business, from large scale conventions to world-class rock and roll concerts. AEG Facilities works in concert with AEG LIVE, an industry leading live event management and promotion company that works with the world's top talent.


AEG Facilities maximizes your venue's revenue with the best sponsorship team in the business, AEG Global Partnerships. Our team has negotiated some of the biggest and most lucrative sponsorship and naming rights deals in the world, from STAPLES Center to Mercedes-Benz Arena.


AEG Procurement is comprised of various strategic service verticals including Global Travel Management, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Diversity, and Sustainability / Environmentally Preferable Procurement (AEG 1EARTH). As a global industry leader, AEG has proactively implemented comprehensive supply chain strategies in order to optimize our entire enterprise of AEG Facilities. This expertise in supply management provides AEG Facilities with efficiencies and significant bottom-line impacts to our stakeholders, clients, and partners.

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AEG Facilities has a number of innovative programs that provide value to venue owners and businesses. From AEG Benchmark's flash reporting system to AEG Backstage's first class hospitality package, the programs that AEG Facilities provide are second to none. [+] learn more about programs

AEG Backstage

The AEG Backstage program guarantees a complementary first class hospitality package for promoters and agents while at our venues. Designed to be a 24 hour business center with distinctive personal and business amenities unlike any other in the industry. You can always count on comfort and consistency when you are backstage with AEG.

AEG Event Connect

Provides consolidated building avails in an instant for every AEG facility. A weekly AEG Facilities booking conference is available to AEG partners allowing you to talk to all AEG Facilities at once, and our consolidated calendar provides real time scheduling information online.

AEG Facilities Resource Library

The AEG Facilities team has created an online resource library of 'best practice' documents to give AEG Facility managers access to a wide variety of management tools. This resource provides a collection point where AEG managers can post key documents to share with their colleagues around the globe. Each document can be downloaded and customized to fit the particular needs of an individual facility.

AEG Benchmark

A consolidated flash reporting system that provides financial information on key event metrics like booking, ticket sales, per caps and ancillary detail. This provides an excellent tool to analyze potential event opportunities.


AEG 1EARTH is AEG's environmental program. It provides AEG employees and partners with the tools to understand how our operations affect the planet and how responsible decisions can improve the environment, our communities and our business.

To learn more about the AEG 1EARTH program and read AEG's Sustainability Report-an industry first-click here to learn more about AEG 1Earth.

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