British Music Experience London, England - The O2

Whether you're more of a 'Wannabe' than a 'Living Doll, prefer 'Anarchy in the UK' to 'Life on Mars' or you're feeling 'Supersonic' or like a 'Puppet on a String', from Trad Jazz to Happy Hardcore you can take your own trip through British music history.

Using state of the art effects and iconic memorabilia we show how rock, pop, dance and other genres were formed and have influenced the last sixty years of British culture.

From the classic era defining sounds of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield... to stadium filling giants like The Who and Queen... to the irresistible anarchy of bands like The Specials and the Sex Pistols... right up to recent crowd-pleasers such as Spice Girls, Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and more.

Along your journey you can step into interactive audio visual spaces that explore great British music moments throughout history, you can witness fascinating one-off interviews between the biggest stars, see an awe inspiring display of famous artifacts, record yourself singing, mixing, playing guitar, keyboard or drums and bust your moves as you Dance the Decades and feel the adrenaline rush of performing to a massive crowd.

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