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Before applying, please take the time to review our areas of programmatic focus, and make sure your organization and grant request is aligned with our eligibility criteria below.


AEG Community Foundation is dedicated to supporting children and families in need in the areas of K-12 education, the arts, and health and wellness.


The Foundation will be awarding grants between $5,000 and $25,000 within one cycle in 2020. The application period is May 1 – June 20, 2020.


The AEG Community Foundation welcomes grant requests from organizations that meet the Foundation’s eligibility criteria listed in this document.

Grants will be made only to nonprofit organizations that make their programs available to all regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious belief, or nationality.

Past applicants must wait one (1) grant cycle before applying again. In other words, they must skip one grant cycle in between their request for financial support. 

Organizations that were awarded a Foundation grant in past cycles must wait two (2) grant cycles before applying again. For example, nonprofit organizations that applied for an AEG Community Foundation grant in 2018 are eligible to apply during the 2020 grant cycle.


Please note that the AEG Community Foundation serves nonprofit organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Priority is given to eligible nonprofit organizations that are in places where AEG does business. Visit to review a list AEG Divisions.


K-12 Education: Emphasis on organizations that seek to provide access, opportunity and innovation to youth, grades K-12, primarily in the areas of literacy, after-school curriculum and college access.

The Arts: Emphasis on organizations that seek to provide youth opportunities to engage in the arts and music. Preference is given to organizations that provide direct services to youth who otherwise would not be exposed to the arts.

Health & Wellness: Emphasis on organizations that seek to address challenges that keep children from engaging in school or recreational activities. Preference is given to organizations providing direct services to youth and in need families including hospitals, youth sports, fitness and recreation.


Grants are not made to:

  • Individuals
  • Religious organizations for sectarian or propagation of faith purposes
  • Institutions limiting their services to persons of a single religious sect or denomination
  • Propagandizing, influencing legislation and/or elections, or promoting voter registration
  • Political candidates, campaigns or organizations engaged in political activities or specific advocacy
  • Endowed chairs, fellowships, internships, exchanges, or individual scholarships
  • Annual campaigns or regular, ongoing operational support
  • Fundraising, award events or special events


AEG Community Foundation utilizes an online grants management system, DonationX. Visit to take the online eligibility quiz between May 1 and June 20, 2020. Nonprofits meet the eligibility requirements and pass the quiz will be given access to the online application.

Please email questions to and complete this form to be added to the AEG Community Foundation emails list regarding future grant opportunities.