AEG outlines its 2020 Water Goal to reduce potable water use at water-stressed sites by 2.3% per year from 2010 to 2020 with an infographic illustrating 27 million liters of potable water saved compared to 2015 Base Year.

AEG Celebrates World Water Day with Focus on Potable Water Conservation

In celebration of World Water Day, a UN campaign celebrated annually on March 22 to bring attention to the importance of freshwater conservation, AEG continues to work toward meeting its 2020 Environmental Goals for GHG emissions, water and waste.

Last year, AEG relaunched its 2020 Environmental Goals to include a new risk-based water goal to reduce potable water use at water-stressed sites by 2.3 percent per year from 2010 to 2020. AEG uses the World Resources Institute’s AqueductTM tool to determine sites located in areas identified as having high or extremely high overall water risk.

Through different water conservation projects like the installation of drought-tolerant landscaping and equipment retrofits, AEG reduced its 2015 potable water use by 27 million liters of water at its water-stressed sites compared to base year consumption. This volume is the equivalent of the annual water use of 49 American households.