Hyde park

AEG strives to implement best-in-class sustainability practices at the world’s most iconic outdoor events. At AMEX BST Hyde Park, AEG targeted ISO 20121 Accreditation encouraging legendary rock and roll headliners and fans to go green as they enjoy live music, arts, cinema, workshops, and family activities. Educating hundreds of thousands of fans over multiple weekends, AEG is committed to reducing waste and maximizing the positive impacts of the event. 


AEG works year-round and engages numerous stakeholders to protect the ecology of Hyde Park, send zero waste to landfill, ban single-use plastics, ensure all food packaging is compostable, and strictly adhere to a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy. Green teams monitor bins and guide fans to deposit waste in appropriate receptacles. All power is generated by 100% renewable sources, such as HVO Biofuel (a form of renewable diesel that is produced from vegetable fats and oils), and visitors are encouraged to use public transport or travel by bike or foot. AEG uses sustainably and locally sourced materials with the aim to reduce travel miles and carbon usage.


AMEX BST Hyde Park is the proud recipient of a “Highly Commended” certification by A Greener Festival. 90% of the food options on site are vegetarian and all meat products are sustainably sourced. Most importantly, the event achieved ISO 20121 Accreditation and continues to provide a model to improve sustainability for festivals and live sector events around the world.