AETHER performs at Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai.

Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai Launches a Social Music Project To Celebrate World Earth Day


To observe World Earth Day on April 22, 2023, Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai partnered with AETHER, a Shanghai local handpan group, to launch a special social music project that celebrates the planet. To kick off the project, on April 22 at 6pm, the entire arena illuminated in a vibrant shade of blue as a call to action for everyone to protect the Blue Planet by adopting environmentally friendly behavior.

As part of the initiative, Mercedes-Benz Arena and AETHER also released a theme song for Earth Day titled ‘Earth Flow’. AETHER’s founder and professional handpan performer, Huang Liyang, drew inspiration for the melody from the Mercedes-Benz Arena, which as one of the top ten new landmark buildings in Shanghai stands as an environmental artwork in the city, presenting both a fashionable and futuristic architectural style along the Huangpu River.

“The handpan is a medium that helps us connect with nature,” said Huang Liyang. “The unique futuristic architecture of Mercedes-Benz Arena gives me new inspiration. We hope to draw everyone's attention to the natural environment and awaken a sense of responsibility and mission towards environmental protection through this specially created song.”

The lyrics of ‘Earth Flow’ come from an Indian ballad Ani Couni Chaoaui, which is an Indian blessing that calls everyone to love and protect the earth together. In the arrangement section, the original African instrument Asalato and other natural sounds are added, calling on everyone to face and change the current situation of the earth with uplifting and inspiring emotions. A related music video was also filmed at Mercedes-Benz Arena, bringing the pure and ethereal handpan sounds together with the arena, where a healing journey from the universe begins.

Additionally, AETHER hosted a natural healing performance at Mercedes-Benz Arena with the live house at The Mixing Room on April 23. During the performance, senior musicians from AETHER invited the audience to embark on a journey and experience the natural music of soul healing. AETHER musicians also performed the Earth Day theme song ‘Earth Flow’ for the first time live and shared the story and environmental philosophy behind the song.

"We hope to raise awareness of sustainable development through the power of music through this special Earth Day project," said Craig Grossarth, the General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Arena. "Mercedes- Benz Arena has always been committed to promoting the development of sustainability, such as advocating ‘Meatless Monday’ among employees, and actively participating in the Earth Hour initiative. At the same time, we incorporate various environmental measures into our daily operations and always encourage our employees and arena guests to be mindful of the environment in their daily lives”.


About Mercedes-Benz Arena Sustainability Initiatives 

Mercedes-Benz Arena has been committed to building a green arena and has implemented a series of sustainable solutions throughout the building, including the full use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly tableware, the use of energy-saving LED lighting systems and the installation air dryers in restrooms to reduce paper waste. At the same time, it has also introduced high-efficiency equipment, and upgraded outdated facilities to reduce energy consumption in the venue. Mercedes-Benz Arena has also taken a series of water-saving measures over the years. For example, the rainwater reuse system uses a water-saving system, appliances and equipment optimized for the utilization of rainwater, washing the road and irrigating the green belt with the collected and treated roof rainwater. Due to the proximity to the Huangpu River, the cooling system inside the arena recycles the river water cooling unit, replacing the natural water-cooling method and effectively eliminating the waste of water source. As a part of corporate social responsibility, Mercedes-Benz Arena will adhere to the concept of sustainability through more interactive projects based on environment. Meanwhile, employees and arena guests will always be encouraged to respect the principle of sustainability and raise the awareness of environmental protection.